A hard-working Asbestos Consulting firm based in East Cornwall, but covering the South West. Established in 2013, we decided to create a company that would be totally impartial from any other companies in the industry and give the honest and direct approach that we know our clients were looking for. With 15 years of experience dealing with Asbestos, Peter Davies has covered every aspect of the Asbestos Industry from Air monitoring, Asbestos Removal to Abestos Surveys. Expanding his knowledge working for Large Consulting firms to Demolition Companies and finally deciding to embark with his own company.
Specialising in all types of Asbestos Surveys, we pride ourselves on giving quick turn arounds with reports without losing any professionalism.
Moving Home is one of the most stressful times in your life and following on from having a home buyers report, the last thing you need is to read that you have potential asbestos in your new home. We can provide you with an Asbestos Management Survey to try and alleviate these concerns giving impartial advice and helping people with any potential issues, that the discovery of asbestos could have on them.
Due to the change in the new CDM regulations which came in to action in April 2015, we also undertake Asbestos Demolition/ Refurbishment Surveys to our valued clients, whether it be an Architect or a builder, we can undetake the Asbestos Survey to help make you compliant.  
Asbestos has been used for centuries and it is most likely to be in your property in some guise albeit Bakelite door handles, textile mains cables or roof tiles. Despite what is written about Asbestos, if the material is handled correctly it can be an asset as opposed to a health issue. We would have all come across it in our lives at some point, ranging from the garage roof to the black boards in your old school class room. We aim to discover all the materials that may be in your property and come up with a management plan and give advice on how best to handle it, without the material becoming an issue. 
We do not underestimate the dangers of Asbestos, but we provide solutions to limit the risks created by it.

“We're a small and growing consultancy. We deal with Asbestos Surveys, Sampling, Consulting and Good Impartial advice. If you have any issues we are here to help. Contact us and lets work together to diminish those conerns." 

Peter Davies, Director