We have had experience working with all types of Industries, including working with Housing Associations & City Councils, Surveying Buildings and ships in a HM Naval Base, working in NHS properties, Private residential properties, Commercial Properties and working with Builders and Architects.   

We specialise in Asbestos Surveys for Home Buyers, indicating potential costs of removing Asbestos from their dream home prior to purchasing the property. We have managed to establish a good relationship with several Estate Agents to fullfill their clients needs quickly and professionally in order to aid in the purchase of the property. 

Housing Associations have always had the issues of Asbestos in their ageing housing stock. As part of a government directive to refurbish and bring the housing stock up to current living standards, we under took management surveys for Plymouth Community Homes for a period of over 10 Years, To indicate the presence of asbestos prior to contractors undertaking improvement works. We also offered one off emergency sampling, where contractors have uncovered some unforeseen materials which were hidden in the fabric of the building. 

Providing a service to undertake Asbestos Surveys of large sites such as Rolls Royce in Bristol and Plymouth's Devonport Naval Base following on with labelling all known and identified asbestos products, so as to show a visual identification of the materials throughout the working environment.

Working along side Plymouth Demolition Services undertaking Asbestos Demolition/ Refurbishment Surveys to various sites throughout Devon & Cornwall. 

A letting agent in somerset used our services to undertake Asbestos Surveys of all the communal areas of its properties (60+) in order to coincide with the new regulations which were introdcuced in order to protect tennants. 

Commercial properties which have a work force are supposed to have an asbestos register of their property in order to protect their employees under the Duty of Care Regulations. We have undertaken numerous Asbestos Surveys for clients ranging from office blocks to work shops and produced asbestos registers in order to comply with HSE's demands. The reasoning behind this is identify any potential risks for not only the employees working in the buildings but if the unfortunate incident occurs of a fire, the fire service request if there is an asbestos register prior to entering the building so they know what added issues they could come across and take preventative measures from exposure. 

An Architect was project managing the refurbishment of a property for a client and during the tight schedule, potential asbestos was undercovered. We attended site and identified the material and under took a sample, giving a definitive answer and then advised on the safe removal of the product and arranging air monitoring in order to keep the schedule on course for completion, despite the unforseen asbestos potentially holding the project up.